Redlands District Model Railway Inc. - Table Top Sale

14 April 2024

This new club is in its infancy and we are looking to raise some much needed money in order to progress. All money raised will help us fund the building, purchasing and running of our new layouts.
This new club will be located within Birkdale Sports club and the address is:
Birkdale Sports club, Judy Holt Lane, Birkdale, QLD.
This venue is fully licensed with a bar, cafe and is fully air conditioned, please use the link provided to view this club on its Facebook page.
Our first event of the year will be a table top sale on Sunday April 14th. This Table Top sale will be heavily Model Train focused but i am hoping to attract all modellers to attend. Therefore if you could please pass this on to all your members and friends it would be greatly appreciated. Table costs start at $20 each and then discounted the more tables you require.
All sellers will be able to gain access to the club from 0800 (8am) with the doors opening to the general public from 0900 (9am), with an end time of around 1300 (1pm).
We have the use of two substantial rooms that open into one big venue so room is not an issue.
If you would like to attend please email or hit reply.
Also if you could let us know how many tables you would like and what you intend to sell that also would be a great help.
Many thanks,
President Redlands District Model Railway Inc.
Birkdale Sports club
Judy Holt Lane

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