Time flies when you’re having fun and 2023 has been an absolute huge year for sheds! We’re well into spring, which in fact feels like summer most days – and that means we’ve only got a couple more episodes left of The Shed Wireless for this year… Make sure you share the podcast with your mates so JPY and our humble little podcast is back, bigger than ever, in 2024!

Produced by the Australian Men’s Shed Association and available wherever you get your podcasts or simply press play ▶️ at mensshed.org/theshedwireless

  • JPY chats with one of Australia’s best rhyming poets of the modern era, Murray Hartin.
  • On the Tools we’re back in the garden with Sabrina Hahn. Sabrina’s got some great tips for getting out in the garden during the hotter months.
  • AMSA’s Stuart Torrance has his finger On The Pulse of Male Breast cancer. He speaks with Dr Janine Lombard about this rare but serious disease.
  • JPY takes a stroll down to Mac’s Music Shack to take a look at a bunch of songs that coincide with 30 years of Shedding. Listen to the playlist on the AMSA YouTube Channel.
  • And Rip, well he needs a kip!

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