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Prime Solution for the Grey

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Here is a simple and cheap way of getting grey primer for use in your airbrush.

Those small model sized bottles of primer paint are soooo expensive aren't they. AND you normally need to also get their special brand of thinners, almost doubling the costs for a very small amount of paint in the end.

Well here is what fellow modeller Arthur Hayes does and what a great idea it is. He goes to Bunnings and picks up a can of Dulux Metalshield 300g Light Grey Etch Primer which retails for a grand sum of $11.95 and it is already thinned and ready to use. You can just use it from the can, but you get splotches and blobs and a heavy coat, as the can is really setup for 1:1 scale painting. But all is not lost.


Arthur says to just get a small disposable plastic drink cup and spray a bit of paint into it. From there you just pour this into your modellers airbrush and away you go! Nice and fine spray of a pretty good primer and its a nice light grey in colour - perfect. AND it is so much cheaper and one can is going to last you a long long long time.

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