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This has been annoying me since early October! At the end of September I bought myself a nice little Walthers HO scale EMD SW1 switcher in Rock Island colours.

This was for a dual purpose - one for running small stuff on the club layout, but also to match in with some running sessions on Mr Kennedy's Missouri Pacific layout. So I was really keen to get the little fella up and running.

So testing of DC running was performed on the club test tracks and she turned out to be a nice quiet little runner with great potential.


Next step on the day was to buy an NCE D14SR decoder from the club shop. So all was good and I was ready to get down to installing the decoder. It was HO scale after all and not that fiddly tiny little small insignificant N scale stuff... how hard could it be?

Hahahaha - oh how I have laughed over the last 3 months over that last sentence - my sides have been splitting in laughter. Ha!

The instructions say to take the cab off first, so I do the rocking and rolling they say, to no avail - you can see the tab that holds it down come loose, but its not budging. So I throw it in the corner of my carry box and try a few weeks later. I repeat these steps for 3 months in fact. So on Wednesday I drag the bits down to the club for yet another attempt. So I read the instructions carefully once again and do as I normally do for 15 minutes or so and still no go. So I am re-reading the instructions and they say unless you remove the cab, the engine cover will not come off. So I look at the engine cover and manage to get the tab that holds it down to pop.


I says to myself, I wonder... and voila - the damn thing comes off in my hand! Well bugger me is all I can mutter to myself.


So above we see it with the engine cowl off and the DC board still plugged in. So out with the DC plug is the order of the day. Below is where we have made it so.


So now it is in with the DCC board.


Then over for a quick test with my DCC controller - all good. So I put the engine cowl back on and go and finish my setup on the computer with JMRI.


I then take her out to the layout for a little pulling and pushing of some cleaner boxcars around the layout - niiiice I say, she's a nice one :o)


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