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Sunday, 17 January 2016 22:26

Check it Out, or be Afraid - it is a FRED !

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A couple of weeks back Darryl D was at the club, yeh I know - stranger danger, AND he had a FRED with him... I became VERY alarmed!

Well actually, I wasn't alarmed - I do like a man in a white navy uniform. But we digress. Darryl had brought down some of his 12 mm QR wagons and locos - that's H0n3½ to be precise.


The main bit he was showing off was of course his FRED (I have photos....) which is actually an End Of Train Device and not an end of... device, so you can calm down now. Darryl had gotten some Ring Engineering "End of Train Device with Bright Red Flashing Lights" bogies. These he has then spent a bit of time modifying and bringing them down to a 12 mm gauge rather than the 16½ mm they came as. The end result is fantastic! 


Darryl now has a Wuiske Models 12 mm gauge HO scale QSCW Tautliner wagon with a flashing light at the end to show the end of his train - great mate!







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