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Possibilities in N

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Some of the N'ers were chatting a few weeks back and thoughts of change are always in our minds. Why you ask?  Because we like the general public to see changes on our exhibition layout and so there is always something new on it to keep them entertained.

 So to get the juices running, here is a shot of the left hand end of the layout.

20160106029PK raw

And here below is the same shot with the beginnings of our thoughts. So in the above picuture, we will take the inside track that joins via points at the wooden bridge  and we will remove the point. The track will then go under the bridge and into the engine facility area and we want to make some shunting areas in there. So whereas currently no trains can run in that area, we want to be able to run some manoevers in there. SO the turntable can go and we'll make the engine shed track join to the module next to it so we can run along the front of the layout a bit as well.

We will also join this fourth track to the fiddle yard to allow trains in and out of the area. The end result of all this is more action for the punter and our layout will look even more attractive to the public. As to when we start this is unknown as many of us are busy working on the HO club layout!

20160106029PK changes

Helpfull hints for us are always welcome.

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