Sunday, 17 January 2016 19:21

A Few Weeks of Happenings

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Last weekend saw a bit of 12 mm track go down including some really great very large curved points scratch built by Bob P. Darryl D and John B were also busy helping lay some track and of course Darryl just had to get a 12 mm train running on the few metres of track that got installed - so he gets 1st train run flag for the 12 mm.

 The other Saturday saw Bob P, Darryl D and John B busy working on the top deck doing 12 mm stuff. They managed to lay some flex track down as well as some very nice points Bobo had scratch built. Darryl then managed to get some power up to the track for a short run of a QR loco to grab lines honours of first 12 mm train run on the layout.





I managed to get a little bit of foam work done on the exit from the wye onto the mainline.


 This Saturday saw a bit more going on up on the top deck, but also Dave got onto learning how to do a bit of ballasting. I got out some home made ballast I got from up the end of Kremzow Road. It was a tad on the red/brown side, dusty and definitely branchline material. So we laid some down to see how it would go. We reckon a greyer version is needed for the mainline.






 And of course Peter A and co were busy on the bridge area. More sealing was performed and a rockface carved out for the base of the waterfall.




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