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New version of the EngineDriver app

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A new version of EngineDriver app for Android has been released to production!

If you have automatic updates enabled, the new version will be automatically updated when you connect to a WiFi network that has internet access.

Engine Driver version 2.30.133 includes:

  • New Horizontal switching/shunting throttle layout.
  • Toolbar can be used for left and right swipes.
  • Option for Left and right swipes to only be allowed on the toolbar.
  • Toolbar added to all screens. (Buttons and menu items available will vary.)
  • EStop button (at least) added to all screens.
  • Option to disable the audible alert when the app is sent to background.
  • Children's Timer fixes and enhancements. Options for a toolbar button and to disable reverse.
  • ActionBar replaced with Toolbar. Activity labels repositioned over the app icon.
  • All button style menu actions will always fit on the toolbar.
  • All connections logged to connections_log.txt.
  • hide "Server Roster" loco selection option if server doesn't support rosters.
  • Fixes to the 'Special' Consist follow functions to allow it to work for forced Default Function labels and a single loco.
  • Fix for Shunting/Switching layout not updating correctly; when direction changed on another device; when changing throttle layouts and the direction was reverse.
  • avoid crashes reported to Play Store

Videos of some of the new features are here:

Left/Right Swipe on Toolbar
Horizontal Shunting/Switching Layout
Children's Timer

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