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New Version of Engine Driver

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All EngineDriver users:

v2.25.107 has been released to production

If you are a Beta tester, you've already got it! Everyone else will get it via the normal Android update mechanisms shortly.

Changes in v2.25.107 include:
>Three New Switching/Shunting Throttle Screen layouts
>Remember Recent Consists and restore them from the select loco screen
>Remember Recent Turnouts/Points and allow selection from the turnouts/points screen
>Optional Status Bar button to switch Throttle Screen layouts
>Added option to use a background image on the throttle page
>Option to show a Shunting/Switching speed button (Vertical Throttles only)
>New longpress to reload web view
>Theme and throttle preference changes no longer restart the app
>Several visual and organizational improvements to Preferences
>Improve background mode, restarts and heartbeat
>Swipe now works everywhere except active sliders
>Less likely to activate function button when scrolling or swiping
>Fix problem in 'drop before acquire' when re-selecting the same loco
>Play sound and vibrate when device disconnects
>Added close button and roster image to roster details dialog
>Rework of roster name usage when an address is entered
>Change fastclock from websocket to withrottle PFT message
>Add fastclock to other activities
>Eliminated erroneous background notifications when device is rotated
>Reduced server communication during throttle speed changes to improve reliability
>Improved server communication timeout handling
>Invalid initial web page preference setting now handled gracefully by web view
>Additional French Translations by Alain Carasso
>More Catalan and Spanish translations by Luis Zamora
>Prevent crashes reported to Play Console

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