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Detailing a Scene

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Check it out - this is a scene on Craig Mackie's home layout which is H0 scale. What a greatly detailed scene it is too.


Let's count up the details in the one scene.

1. Gum trees
2. Pine trees
3. Palm trees - type 1
4. Palm trees - type 2
5. Orange tree at the back left
6. House
7. Step Ladder at front of house
8. Wooden Pallets
9. Saw Horses
10. Tractor in the yard
11. Tractor in the shed
12. Shed
13. Rain Water Tanks
14. Trailer
15. Industrial sized Bin
16. Couple of old Tires to left of Shed
17. Car
18. Clothes Line with Washing on it (at left of house behind the trees.
19. Wooden Fence
20. Gate at front of House
21. Farm Gate
22. Long Ladder - right hand side of photo
23. Cyclist
24. Roadwork Signs

But wait there is more - I just don't have it in the photo. There is also a household Wheelie Bin and an Outback Dunny. So you can see that a scene can have a lot of detail in it, yet not look crowded.

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