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New Version of Engine Driver

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v2.23.83 of the EngineDriver Android App has been released to production.  There are a number of significant changes to the UI, most nociably the initial setup wizard, along with changes to the back end that were necessary because of new Google policies, plus a number of bug fixes.

To update to the new nersion, just make sure your device is connected to the internet and it will generally update unaided.  You can manually update it by opening the Play Store, Open the menu, select 'My apps & games', then click 'Update All'.

The changes include:

  • Introduction and Initial Setup Screens (wizard)
  • Two additional throttle page types
  • Recent Connections list - allow user to delete individual entries with long-press
  • show warnings when not using wifi network
  • Support for the Flydigi Wee 2 gamepad controller
  • add View Log to Connect screen
  • Web View and Auto-Web remember page and position on page
  • Option to import preferences from a URL
  • Option to automatically import preferences from the JMRI Server on connect
  • Czech translation by Petr Šídlo
  • French translation by Alain Carasso
  • option to save log to file
  • gamepad fns behave same as screen fns

  • Change target API to 26
  • Add location permission prompt
  • Add wifi & OS details to About screen for debugging
  • change default for DirChangeWhileMoving and selLocoWhileMoving to false
  • add some edits to Turnout# input
  • ESU MC2 support Gradle dependency
  • update jmdns from 3.5.4 to 3.5.5 to keep up with JMRI
  • begin adding automated testing infrastructure, resumed tracking gradle*
  • delete settings files on Reset Preferences
  • fix alignment of multi-word functions
  • add permissions bypass for SDK15
  • avoid some crashes reported to Play Store
  • remove some lint warnings
  • rearrange some menus
  • remove redundant tags from log view to improve readability
  • merge -vll resources into default
  • fix pref error message
  • prioritize eStop button position
  • fix some reported bugs and lint warnings
  • Adaptive icons
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