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November 2018 Model Railroad Hobbyist

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The November edition of the Model Railroad Hobbyist Magazine is now available AND it's free!

For your own copy of the 240 page issue, that's right - over 240 pages !!,

Continue on and download here...

Click here for your copy.

But hold on, as there is an update. The mob doing MRH have always based the mag on it being free and this being because of advertising. Well, they reckon advertising revenue is dropping so the content will shrink a little on this free version, as would be expected. And it will still be a great read.



Now, if you want more content and less advertising, they are now doing a second edition each month. This one includes the free content above, but also has another 100-200 pages of no ads. But of course everthing needs paying for one way or another and this extra comes at a cost of US $1.99 an issue as the extra content has no ads in it. Now considering what you pay for hard copy mags or electronic downloads of them, this is cheap in my view for good modelling content - in my view of course. Anywho, I subscibed and if you want my view, it seems value so far.  Time will of course tell :-)



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