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Thursday, 10 December 2015 20:54

Open Your Eyes

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We get some pretty good input at the club. Besides all the members and their individual experiences and expertise’s, we also have input from the books and magazines we get it. The club subscribes to some mags and members drop in their own mags once finished with, thereby more than doubling the variety of magazines we get in for members to read.

So I was reading the November issue of this good publication the other day. It might be about Pommie trains, but scenery is scenery and weathering is weathering etc etc.

And in one of the article I saw a good bit of scenery. Besides the grass and shrubs which really was done well, I saw some concrete trunking (that’s that concrete capped culvert running parallel to the rail on the far right. And gee it did add a bit more pizazz to the scenes.

rmcq2412 Semaphore img 17

rmcq2412 Semaphore img 18

The article also showed other items that really lifted the layout no end. It is all easy to do. Things like adding in some workers and rusty rail, the trunking, communications boxes and so on.

rmcq2412 Semaphore img 19

Check out the yellow and black detectors – really look good don’t they?

rmcq2412 Semaphore img 20

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