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Thursday, 10 December 2015 20:51

Who Needs Cables

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With specials you see on mobile phones quite regularly now-a-days, there is no longer any real excuse to not get yourself one just to drive your trains down at the club.

Both the HO and N scale layouts have a computer attached and a wireless gadget and the software called JMRI so that you can drive your trains with a mobile phone.

rmcq2412 Semaphore img 13

rmcq2412 Semaphore img 14Even George has gotten into it with the purchase the other day of a mobile phone from Big W I think it was, for a princely sum of 30 bucks.

You ask “Why not use my current one?” Well, you can. But I find that if I run the battery flat while driving trains, then I have a problem. Many figure it is easier to just get a phone (no plan or SIM Card required) and use it as a dedicated throttle and I agree.

So as long as it is an Apple phone or a fairly current Android type phone with a roughly 4” screen, then you will be good to go. There are a few at the club who can set it up for you once you have it. Me, I have a preference for Android type phones since they have software called lovely things like Lollipop and Marshmallow and such.rmcq2412 Semaphore img 15

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