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JMRI Engine Driver 1.18

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The new version of Engine Driver has been released.  If you connect your phone to a network with internet access it should automatically download the new version from the Play Store.

Engine Driver version 2.18 includes: 

- new 'Dark' Theme added
- option for the volume keys to follow the last touched throttle
- option for ESU Mobile Control II to disable direction change at zero end-stop position
- option for ESU Mobile Control II to disable on-device stop button short-press
- multiple options for shaking the phone to perform an action
- Italian and Portuguese translations from Roberto Falorni added
- option to speak some gamepad related events
- option to skip the gamepad test with just one 'decrease speed' button press
- option to reset the Function Label defaults
- option to reduce the number of displayed Default Function Buttons
- fix issue with ESU Mobile Control II knob position not updating on EStop
- fix issue with ESU Mobile Control II knob position updating speed even when screen locked
- separate preferences for Volume key and Gamepad speed increments
- import includes throttle name if on the same device that exported them
- prevent some crashes reported to Google Play
- option to hide the demo server
-fixed mis-handling of WiThrottle-created consists

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