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So what Railway related TV is there

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Obviously those with Foxtel Cable TV get a larger choice of all things trains, but the free to air mob still have some watching they can do. There are even some on the PC you can follow. So based on today's date, here are the offerings, whch of course will change with time, but keep an eye out as there is always something to watch.


So lets see the Free to Air TV first:

  SBS - Great British Railway Journeys

  SBS - Great Continental Railway Journeys

  One - Rocky Mountain Railroad


Now to the Foxtel Cable TV:

  NHK World - Japan Railway Journal

  Discovery Science - World's Top 5 - Extreme Railways (only this week)

  Discovery Channel - Railroad Australia


Now remember, the free to air ones also have their catch up areas on the internet so if you miss an episode you can catch up on them via your PC and the Internet.

Also check out Youtube for some shows. For example, the above "Japan Railway Journal" can be found on Youtube - all epsiodes are there and new ones go up all the time. Not a bad show actually, you get to see all things about the Japanese railways.











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