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Handrail Jig

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How I went about creating the handrails on the new HO bridge.

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When I designed the bridge to be laser cut, I was not sure what spacing I wanted for the railing stanchions, so I had a hole burnt at about 7mm spacing all the way along both sides of the deck.

At the same time I had a jig cut with the same spacing. It included the exact location of the refuge and score marks for the heights I wanted the railings. In hindsight I should have made it double sided to allow me to do the other half of the railing more easily. In the photo above you can see the paddle pop sticks I glued to the other side to remedy that problem.

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In operation it is just a matter of:

 Cutting a bunch of stanchions and soaking them in flux.
 Holding the horizontal rails in place with a couple of clips.
 Then one at a time, holding each stanchion in place with tweezers and putting a drop of solder on the crossing point.

The brass expands each time, so you have to constantly move the clips.

Bending the wire for the refuges is a little bit tricky, but otherwise it is fairly easy with a bit of practice (which I now have a lot of).

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