Current Layouts


Some layouts are permanently setup in the clubrooms and others transportable for display at the various exhibitions we attend.

G Gauge Permanent Layout "Grendale"

The RMCQ branched out into G gauge in 2019, following a generous grant from the Moreton Bay Regional Council. The steel support structure and baseboards were completed in June 2020, providing an 80-metre elevated platform for the track. It supports a double mainline with four double-ended sidings. Trains are now running on both mainlines. One will be electrified for DC engines. Some operators use engines with on-board batteries and radio-control.

We are very keen to increase the number of 'G Gaugers' in the club, so visit our membership page if you are interested. 


HO Scale Permanent Layout

In early 2011 the clubrooms were extended to cater for the construction of a much larger HO/OO/HOn3 layout. It is a double-deck layout with a helix connecting the decks. Operation is DCC.

The bottom deck is largely complete and includes an 85-metre double HO mainline with a large staging yard and numerous industries, stations and sidings.

The top deck is of similar size to the bottom deck and includes HO and narrow gauge tracks.


Additional Club Layout Photos.

HO Scale Exhibition Layout "South Pine"

In 2019 the club commenced construction of a modular layout to replace "Brendale" which was "re-homed" to the Toowoomba area. As at August 2020 all of the benchwork and track was complete, with about 20% of the scenery.

It includes HO and HOn3 DCC mainlines. The two HO mainlines can also be switched to DC. It is based on an industrial area with local industries and passing loops. This allows trains to be always on display with continuous operation on the mainlines and shunting in the industries and loco area. When not at shows, it is normally left erected within the clubrooms to cater for members with DC equipment.

Overall size of the layout is 7.5 x 1.8 metres. The layout is transported in a purpose-built trailer, funded by the Qld Gambling Community Benefit Fund.

N Scale Permanent Layout "Buckley Park"

2017 new n scale layoutThe permanent N Scale layout has two unconnected decks, with provision for a third. Construction is well advanced. The innovative framework is made from RHS/SHS steel tube, providing a sturdy structure with flexible baseboard depths. It maximises the use of vertical space for tracks and scenery with minimal clutter underneath.  

The bottom deck was completed in mid-2018. It has a large staging yard and four 28-metre mainlines, each individually switchable between DC and DCC. It is operated from a sitting position, and caters mainly for those who want to run trains albeit with a bit of shunting.  Bottom deck August 2019

All of the top deck track and over 75% of the scenery is complete, as at February 2021. It has a 75-metre DCC-only mainline with a large double-ended staging yard and numerous towns, stations, industries, shunting opportunities and a wharf. It is suitable for larger operating sessions. Operators normally follow their trains, although the absence of internal backboards allow most of the deck to be viewed from various stationary positions around the layout.   Top deck August 2020


N Scale Exhibition Layout "Pine Rivers"

The "Pine Rivers" N scale layout has a Canadian flavour as is shows off a river canyon like the Frasier River.

It can run in either DC or DCC mode on any of its three mainlines. There is a township, industrial park, circus, grain silos and siding and golf club depicted on the layout.

The layout is 7.5 x 1.8 metres and it is transported in a purpose-built trailer, funded by the Qld Gambling Community Benefit Fund.


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Retired Layouts


Old HO Scale Exhibition Layout - "Brendale"

"Brendale" was a modular layout built to cater for the HO scale exhibition needs of our members. It was designed to run both DC and DCC locomotives on separate tracks simultaneously and while it had a basic Australian look and feel, trains from all around the world and in particular, the USA and UK were run.

It was based on a small country town with a main station with passing loops, engine facilities and some local industries. This allowed trains to be always on display with continuous operation on the mainline or shunting in a siding or loco area. Some of the industries and commercial premises displayed were strong supporters of our club. The layout was transported in a purpose-built trailer, funded by the Qld Gambling Community Benefit Fund.

It was re-homed to the Toowoomba area in 2019.


Club Layout Photos.

Old U-Drive Layout

The old "U-Drive" layout was taken to exhibitions tp provide opportunities for the youngsters to run trains. It had N and HO scale tracks.

It was disposed of in 2018. 

Club Layout Photos.



Old N Scale Permanent Layout

The old permanent 3m x 6m N scale layout had three mainlines that were individually switchable between DCC and DC. It included a coal mine and shunting yard, a large main yard, intermodal yard, passenger station and towns.

It was demolished in 2017 to make way for the current N scale permamanet layout.



Old HO Scale Exhibition Layout - "WHEREAREWE"

"WHEREAREWE" was a 21' x 8' layout that was taken to various model railway shows. It was modular with the modules built up into a rectangle around the operators. It was stored and transported in a purpose built trailer. 

it was demolished to make way for the "Brendale" layout above (also retired). 

Club Layout Photos.




Old HO Scale Permanent Layout

This was the main HO layout until 2011. It was capable of handling HO and OO scale rolling stock and switchable between DCC and DC. It had a single track continuous run, with return loops and double track passing sidings.

The layout had been moved from the old Club Rooms at Bald Hills to the new Club Rooms at Brendale, and later moved from the front room to the back room, before eventually being demolished.

Club Layout Photos.


Old N Scale Exhibition Layout - "Coyote Canyon"

"Coyote Canyon" was demolished to make way for the "Pine Rivers" layout (above).

Club Layout Photos.