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Monday, 29 October 2018 21:29

Australian Narrow Gauge Convention

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Australian Narrow Gauge Convention

Registrations are now available for the 14th Australian Narrow Gauge Convention. Location, Central Coast Grammar School
Arundel Road, Erina Heights, New South Wales Apr 2019. Read more


What's news?  Well, you can now Register to attend the 14th Australian Narrow Gauge Convention!  Enjoy a bit of browsing around the website first and see what is new, and then make your way to the Registration page to grab all the details you need to book into this Convention.  We have also introduced a One Day Registration option for those available to attend on the Saturday only (more details on the Registration page).

Plenty has been happening behind the scenes, with lots of ideas and conversations being thrown around.  We have a great collection of layouts and displays starting to come together, with a good number of modeller's working feverishly on some new projects.  We also have some interesting subjects being arranged for the clinics program.

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