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Making it with Matches

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Whilst having a really fun arvo at Craig's the other Sunday at a running session, we all were also checking out the progress on his layout. It might appear to grow slowly, but...


It is great to see that it is always moving forward. It might appear to the uninitiated that it is random growth, and it is! That is how a layout usually grows. You add in some tracks down here and over there a building and right here, let's get some detail in. A layout is a canvas and you cannot go from blank to complete in one brush stoke - no, it takes many brush strokes to complete a masterpiece.

So here is just one small brush stroke I spotted. Craig has done a dye job on a handful of wooden matchsticks (most likely they are accurately cut timbers, but let's call 'em match sticks) and then started to lay them out to make a nice pedestrian crossing. It is not finished by any means, but you do get the idea - a pathway with a few excess timbers strewn around for effect.


This sort of detail adds greatly to the scenery of a layout yet takes not much effort at all.


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