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After Hours

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I came across this channel a few years back and thought I'd mention it here as a few of us were talking about it at the club the other day and it is of course railway related.

I came across it when I started subscribing to Foxtel - the channel is ch 656 "NHK World" and the program is called "Japan Railway Journal". But don't worry if you do not have Foxtel, as there are other ways to watch it without Foxtel. Oh, and you don't need to understand Japanese, as it is in English.

What an interesting half hour program - I am quite taken with it, as it is different. So a bit of looking around and I find there is a website for this:

So if you don't have Foxtel, you can actually watch for free on your PC each week or whenever it comes on. You can also see last week’s episode as well, as they keep it available for a week before the next one comes out. Oh and by the way, if you have an Android or Apple tablet or decent phone, you can download an app and watch the current show and the past weeks one on them.

BUT, I have also found that some busy little beaver has actually uploaded all of the episodes (so far there are 48) of the series to YouTube. So you can watch all the episodes in one sitting if you like and all for free. Just head over to the Youtube channel and lookup the Japan Railway Journal videos:

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