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Engine Driver Preferences

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A long time back I posted a list of my recommended preferences for the Engine Driver app on android.

The app has had a lot of new options added since then, so I thought I should update my list of prefered/recommended preferences.


  Throttle Name <Your name>
  Screen orientation 'Portrait' if you are using a phone rather than a tablet.
  Theme/Style Personal choice. I prefer 'High Contrast Outline'
Throttle Page Status Row Preferences
  Show Emergency Stop Button? 'Unticked'
  Show layout power button? 'Unticked'
  Fast Clock Display 'Unticked' for club use.
Throttle Page Appearance Preferences
  Number of throttles Personal choice. Smaller screens make it difficult to use more than 2.
  Decrease Loco No. Height? Personal choice. I recommend 'Ticked' for smaller screens.
  Show Loco Address instead of Name? Personal choice. I prefer 'Ticked'.
  Use default function labels? At the club I recommend 'Ticked'. If using you own JMRI with your own roster, I would recommend 'Unticked'.
  Speed Slider and Button Preferences  
  Increase Slider Height? 'Ticked'
  Throttle Speed Slider Margin 99
  Display Speed buttons? 'Ticked'
  Hide Speed Slider? Personal choice. I prefer 'Ticked'
  Hide Slide AND Speed Slider? 'Unticked'
  Direction button Preferences  
  Swap Direction Buttons Personal choice. I prefer 'Ticked'
  Long press Swap Direction Buttons Personal choice. I prefer 'Ticked'
  Left Direction Button label 'Forward'
  Right Direction Button label 'Reverse'
  Web View Preferences  
  Initial Throttle Web Page the default
  Throttle Web View? None'
  Swipe Up-Down options  
  Use Immersive Mode for Throttle view? Personal choice. For smaller screens I recommend 'Ticked'. I prefer 'Ticked'
  Swipe up action in the Throttle view?
Personal choice. I prefer 'Dim and Lock' unless I am shunting on the Exhibition layout, where I use 'Hide Web View'
  Screen Dimming % Value 1
  Acceleromoter Preferences  
  Shake Action Personal choice. I perfer 'Dim and Lock'
  Shake Threshold Personal choice. I perfer '1.7'
Voice Response (text to speech) Preferences
  Voice Response Personal choice. I perfer 'On throttle change'
  Volume Preferences  
  Speed button change amount Personal choice.
  Disable Volume keys Personal choice. I prefer 'Ticked'
  Volume keys follow touch. If you use the volume keys I recommend 'Ticked'
  Gamepad Preferences  
  Gamepad type Depends if you have a gamepad.
  Gamepad Start Button action  
  Gamepad Button Click Volume %  
  Support Multiple Gamepads  
  Speed button repeat delay  
  Gamepad Button X action  
  Gamepad Button A action  
  Gamepad Button Y action  
  Gamepad Button B action  
  Gamepad Start Button action  
  Gamepad Button DPAD Up action  
  Gamepad Button DPAD Right action  
  Gamepad Button DPAD Down action  
  Gamepad Button DPAD Left action  
Throttle Control Preferences
  Speed Units Personal choice. Given that all of my DCC chips are 28 steps, I use '28'
  Maximum Throttle Percentage 99
  Maximum Throttle Change 25
  Speed button change amount Personal choice. I prefer '1'. If you is 128 or 100 as your speed uints, the default of '4'
  Speed button repeat delay 100
  Stop On Phonecall? 'Unticked'
  Direction change while moving? Personal choice. I recommend 'Unticked'
  Stop on direction change? Personal choice. I prefer 'Unticked'
  Increase Web View Size? 'Unticked'
  Selective Lead Unit Sound? 'Unticked'
Select Loco Preferences
  Stop On Release? 'Unticked'
  Drop Loco Before Acquire? 'Unticked'
  Allow loco select while moving? 'Unticked'
  Default Address Length 'Auto'
  Hide Recent Locos panel? 'Unticked'
  Roster in Recent Locos? 'Ticked'
  Maximum Recent Locos Personal choice. The default of '10' is usually ok.
  Control Consist lights on long click 'Ticked' if you run consists
Connect Preferences
  Maximum Recent Connections Personal choice. The default of '10' is usually ok.
  Auto-Connect to First WiThrottle Server? 'Ticked'
Web Preferences
  Web Screen Orientation Auto-Rotate'
  Initial Web Page '/'
Turnouts and Routes Preferences
  Turnout Hardware System N/A for the club
  Hide Sys Route Names? 'Unticked'
  Location Delimiter ':'
  Hide If No User Name? 'Unticked'
  Swipe Through Turnouts? Ticked
  Swipe Through Routes? Ticked
Import/Export/Reset Preferences
  Import or Export the Preferences as needed
  Auto import host specifc preferences If you connect to multiple servers/railroads I would recommend setting this, but it requires some planning.


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