Thursday, 08 December 2016 20:27

Did you know we have a Library?

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A reminder to club members to not forget to use the club library. Why, you ask? Well, because the magazines and such we get in are a great read or watch. There are even pictures in them for those who don't read articles too!

Take for instance the latest TRAINS magazine we got in. I was reading it and found a nice article on the German preserved steam train line up on the Baltic coast. The train is steam driven and runs as a normal passenger service for both townsfolk and tourists alike. The train even runs along the street as in the very old days. Makes one want to go on another OS trip.


Another article in the same magazine was about the Model Railway manufacturer, Rapido, and how they have bought some full size trains.


Then there is the article that gave a great idea for a scene on a layout. Apparently at one woodyard, before the train comes in to collect a load,they have to clean up the tracks to get all the wood scraps dirt and such off the railhead. Easy peezy - just get a log tractor and grab a large tree trunk and use it to scrape the rails.


So don't waste the opportunity we have in such a great resource as the library.

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