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Thursday, 06 July 2017 12:23

Engine Driver - for Android

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Version 2.14 of Engine Driver has just been released on the Google Play Store.
It includes a bunch of small changes from Steve Todd (the lead developer) and a few from me.
  • Request and show function labels for JMRI consists - mstevetodd  
  • Show activeProfile on About page - mstevetodd
  • Prevent direction change while moving - Peter Akers,
  • Decrease Loco No. button Height - Peter Akers,
  • Show loco DCC address instead of names - Peter Akers,
  • Increase web view size - Peter Akers,
  • Immersive mode - Peter Akers,
  • Stop on direction change while moving - Peter Akers,
  • Always use default labels - Peter Akers.
  • Hide menu options and activities when not allowed or supported - mstevetodd
These are my first contributions to the Engine Driver app, but hopefully not my last.
Most of my additions are intended to make it easier for big fingers to use small screens.
My changes are all in new preferences, and are disabled by default. 
If you are using a phone with a small screen, I would recommend trying at least one of them:
Untick 'Direction change while moving?' which will prevent you from accidently reversing your train.
and if you have a recent phone... Tick 'Immersive Mode'  (It won't be available unless you have Android Marshmallow or later)
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